When you read the title, you may have startled by how obvious the answer is. But because of that reason, people take the functions of windows for granted. They do not realize that the windows are the most prominent feature of a house. They define its character and architectural style. They also determine whether you are going to spend eighty percents of your energy on the heater or not. In case you have not noticed, windows circulate the air and temperature of your house.

Not all windows are created equal. Some types allow heat conduction, while the others prevent it. If there are passers-by around, having large windows for the house will not be a good idea. Glass block windows may offer some privacy, but too many of them will make the house gloomy and damp.

Knowing the right way to install a window is a must. And luckily, you have come to the right place to learn about it.

Single-glazed v. Double-glazed Windows

a large double-glazed windowA single-glazed window uses one panel of glass in its frame. It provides minimum protection against noises, heat loss, and ultraviolet. However, due to its simplicity, single-glazed windows are much cheaper than the double-glazed ones. The single-glazed will be perfect if you build your house on a tight budget.

For a single-glazed window to be energy-efficient, your house should be in a place where using a room heater is not necessary. Otherwise, you are going to struggle with keeping the house within the room temperature during the winter. Also, if the weather is scorching, a single-glazed window is ineffective to protect you from the heat. You may use weatherstripping and insulate your single-glazed windows. But no matter how high-quality the sealants are, a single-glazed window has its limit in keeping the room’s temperature.

On the other hand, the double-glazed windows are superior in many ways, except for its costly price. In fact, if the temperature-drop during the winter is not drastic, additional insulation is often unnecessary.

The Window Styles

two windows on a wallThere are many window styles to know. Each has their particular purpose. And if you happen to misplace one, your house will not look as attractive as it is supposed to be. Moreover, people with keen eyes may label you as eccentric and out of touch if you install a window incorrectly.

Storm Windows

A storm window is an additional window panel that we can mount inside or outside a window. It serves as extra protection against strong wind, hurricane, heavy rain, and storm. It prevents noises to enter the house.

The newer storm windows come with coatings that can prevent heat loss. They can deflect hot air during the summer, and keep the room temperature stable during the winter. On the market, coated storm windows are also called as low-E storm windows. They have a low emissivity that can reduce the energy for air conditioning.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are popular among colonial houses. The window opens horizontally through a slide track. And they can ventilate the room pretty well without allowing too much visibility from the outside.

Accent Windows

An accent window should be in a shape that does not resemble the other windows. It aims to give an accent to your house’s appearance. The typical shapes are rectangular and round. You can place an accent window on the most prominent part of the house, such as on the roof.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows allow you to have sunlight without sacrificing privacy. You may place it in the bathroom, changing room, or bedroom. However, glass block does not circulate the air. Therefore, with the right design, it is best for you to utilize this window type as a skylight.

Inspection, Repair, and Replacement

a weatherstripped window

Under the right condition, a window frame can last up to twenty years. Coastal areas have salty air which can damage joints, hinges, and other movable parts of a window. If you live there, you may need to repair your windows more often than other people who live far from the coast.

Termites and mold can damage window frames too. You should do a regular inspection of the windows. Search for any cracks, rusts, and other signs of damage.

A strong wind during the winter may carry hails. It can bash through the windows and create a big hole. In such case, a window storm, or any nets installed inside the window, can provide extra protection. You need to be prepared when facing extreme weather.